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About RioStyles

In and Out of our closet is the acronym for Rio and what this website is all about.

RioStyles is about Real Women swapping styles.

At every woman has her own style and RioStyles helps
you share with your friends.

The concept is easy, we all have inventory in our closet that we will never use again or for that matter have never worn. We refuse to throw them away because they still hold value. We either lost the receipt, it didn't fit the way we thought, it was a gift, or just bored of the same stores for a return. Giving it away means we lose out a little but swapping it for something you will really use... Now that's RioStyle!

With you are able to register and upload your inventory into your very own cyber closet and trade with what another may have in theirs. Once your items are uploaded remember to put a brief description of item including size and value. You are now ready to swap with thousands of friends who want to trade their leather hand bags with your three button blazer and the bottle of Miss Dior Cherie you just posted, because you have two from the holidays. Trade those Prada shoes you promised you were going to wear but didn't for a Coach Weekender Bag you can use for the upcoming get away. There is no money involved because remember...we're shwapping.
This is your personal boutique? it's a reflection of each fashion season and it's a reflection of you. Keep your home closet fresh, be introduced to new styles across the country, keep track of your favorite RioFriends and make it fun!

In this tough economy it gets harder everyday to splurge how we used to, RioStyles makes that a little easier to cope with. Fashion is Forever with

Enjoy and Happy Shwapping,

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RioStyles is your one stop swapping station, if you should need assistance or run into any delays please
contact our support staffs listed below.? Any issue not related to the following links should be submitted to the
customerservice link for they are prepared to assist you.

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