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Why Rio?
With you are joining the fastest growing women’s network devoted to fashion and everything we love. It was developed with one notion and one notion only…Women First! Let’s face it..we all know the other web-sites that sell everything from electronics to tickets and all in between, but with Rio, it’s all about Fashion. It’s your fashion hub and women only so it’s a less stressful, less intimidating place to be.
RioStyles gives every woman the opportunity to open up her own cyber-shop. At first it was all about swapping, but then there was an overwhelming response to selling and buying items, so you may do as you please. Become a member and invite others to view your cyber boutique, it’s your fashion statement on Rio!

Getting Started:

How do I become a member? To become a RioMember you must register first. On the top banner you will find a register tab, it will ask you to enter your Username (what you would like your cyber-boutique or you to be known as) and Email. These are the only two requirements needed to become a member. The e-mail address you provide will be the only way for Rio and anyone to contact you so make sure it’s an address you always use and RioStyles will validate it by forwarding you a temporary password. Your temporary password will be forwarded to the email you provided. Once you receive your temporary password sign in using your username and password and RioStyles will prompt you to the homepage.

How do I change my password? From the Homepage go to My Profile, you will notice your username on top, that will never change. Enter the password of your choice and re-enter for confirmation. It’s that easy, you will never have to do this process again, unless you decided to do so. From the My Profile page, you can write anything you like about yourself in the space provided and upload a picture that distinguishes you if you choose to do so.

How do I submit an Ad? You must take a picture of item first. There is a Submit Ad tab on the top of banner. You can access this tab from any page. Once on, you will be asked to choose what category to upload to. The drop down key will help you in deciding. Choose a category, ex. Handbags. Enter a Title/Brand name (this is required field) ex. Coach, you can then enter a description of the handbag. Any detail information, color, maybe a story to how you acquired it and why it’s special. Anything that is entered here will be read by anyone searching in the “Handbags” tabs so be specific. To help you further there is a drop down key for ‘Type’ (type of bag) ex. Shoulder bag, tote, wallet, dressy, etc. Enter the condition the Handbag is in using the drop down key (required field) and finally upload your picture. You will automatically be taken to your documents where your pictures are stored. Choose the first picture and you have three additional pictures if you wanted to use them for alternate views of the handbag, ex. Side, front, back, etc.
Hit OK. And your item is listed!

Can I modify/delete an Ad? Of Course, from my ads you view, change, delete and modify any of the items you have uploaded.

How do I find a member? On the top banner hit Search and you will be prompted to a field to search for a member in a number of different ways. The easiest way is by username. You can search for one or many.

Can I sell my items instead of swapping? Yes, as long as both parties agree to it.

If I am interested in a product, how do I inquire about it? At the bottom of each item listed there is a tab that allows you to contact the member via email.

What does My Subscription mean? My Subscription is an easy way to keep tabs of your favorite categories. For example, if you subscribe to the ‘Shoe’ tab, every time a new shoe is listed in your size an email will be sent so you can be the first to view and make a decision on.

Add a Favorite RioMember. You found her! The perfect RioFriend who is your size, you like her style and her stuff is always fashion forward, hot and if not new her vintage style is classic. Keep her on file by simply adding her to your Favorites.

About my Profile: Under My Profile you can write about yourself, your past times, friends and family. Whatever you’d like, it’s a profile of what makes you unique to Only enter what you feel comfortable entering. Your address is not necessary however once a sale or swap is made that info you can give to the RioMember directly. It’s only there to provide convenience for local swappers who rather meet than mail orders. It is not necessary and you don’t have to provide it.

About my Ads: The My Ads tab allows you to simply view all the items that are in the viewing scene. This is a quick way to alter anything you’d like. Remember to delete item once it’s left your store. 

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